I am a third-year Ph.D. student of TSAIL Group in Department of Computer Science and Technology at Tsinghua University. I am jointly supervised by Prof. Bo Zhang and Prof. Jun Zhu.

My research interests include statistical machine learning, especially deep generative models, semi-supervised learning and Bayesian deep learning.

Before that, I received my B.E. Degree from Department of Electronical Engineering of Tsinghua University in 2015. I also received the double Bachelor's Degree in Economics from National School of Development of Peking University.

Publications and Preprints

Smooth Neighbors on Teacher Graphs for Semi-supervised Learning
Yucen Luo, Jun Zhu, Mengxi Li, Yong Ren, Bo Zhang
arXiv 1711.00258, 2017.
ZhuSuan: A Library for Bayesian Deep Learning
Jiaxin Shi, Jianfei Chen, Jun Zhu, Shengyang Sun, Yucen Luo, Yihong Gu, Yuhao Zhou
arXiv 1709.05870, 2017.
Conditional Generative Moment-Matching Networks
Yong Ren, Jialian Li, Yucen Luo, Jun Zhu
Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS), 2016

Honors and Awards



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