Jingwei Zhuo  

Ph.D. Candidate

Rm 1-508, FIT Building
Dept. of Computer Science and Technology
Tsinghua University
Beijing, China.100084.

Email: zjw15 at mails dot tsinghua dot edu dot cn


I am a fourth-year Ph.D. candidate in Department of Computer Science and Technology in the Tsinghua University. I am jointly supervised by Prof. Bo Zhang and Prof. Jun Zhu.

Before that, I received the B. Sc. degree from Department of Electronics Engineering of Tsinghua University in 2014 and M. Sc. degree from Computer Science Department of Carnegie Mellon University.

My research interest includes deep learning and scalable Bayesian inference. Currently, I am working on some projects about Bayesian inference for reinforcement learning and Bayesian inference with structural information.


arXiv Preprints

Honors & Awards

Distinguished Undergraduates of Tsinghua University, 2014
Jiang Nanxiang Memorial Scholarship, 2013
12.9 Memorial Scholarship, 2011


Program Committee member: TKDD, NIPS 2018, ICML 2018, ICPR 2018, AAAI 2018, AAAI 2017, ICPR 2016.
Last updated on October 2016.